Alpha Percival

Alpha Percival is a common humanoid new Vestroia bakugan who uses his cape for invisibility and shoots plasma bullets from his head and his gauntlets. I like it because of its design. Its not a very complex bakugan. They come in great colors like black and red. We have a black and purple one with 720G. It is in great shape, opens and closes very tight. It has a working jaw similar to Abis Omega's, and a short tail. Its main attribute is Darkus, owned by Ace. It is easy to close and opens, but it does not have a good chance of winning in battle if it has less than 600Gs. It is a core bakugan. We got ours for free from a friend, but on eBay, a good price would be around $2.50 with no cards included. In stores, it sells for about $6.50 with 2 cards. Alpha Percival is definitely a good bakugan to own and is worth getting if you can, yet I would not strongly recommend you to buy it from most online stores who sell it for high prices; but if you prefer it with cards, or want better quality assurance, you should buy it in stores like Target, ToysRUs, or Walgreens.

Alpha Percival is the evolved version of Midnight Percival when he showed up in episode 27, due to the attribute energy of the "six legendary soldiers of Vestroia". This made him even more powerful and later took on Mira and Gus. Percival won (not a surprise) and was able to help out Dan. Percival used totally new abilities. He is a powerful fighter, and is very fast. Plus, it has many good abilities. It is often confused as a 3-headed dragon, but the two secondary "dragon heads" are actually gauntlet designs; what look like his wings are in fact his cape. Neon translucent green is one of the limited editions.

When Percival in ball form released in battle, he can spout a pillar to defeat his opponent. This pillar is not made of fire but of a mass of dark energy. It was revealed that Percival was given to Ace by Mira when Ace decided to join the Bakugan Resistance.

A Bit about Alpha Percival Cyclone
Alpha Percival comes in special attack and core. In the special attack version, he is called Alpha Percival Cyclone (APC). Spinning, he has a better chance of knocking off another bakugan, resulting in an automatic win. It looks the same though. The core type is a normal bakugan with no special features. There is no known way to tell a APC from an Alpha Percival besides the package it comes in. Either way, though Alpha Percival is a common bakugan, and is still worth buying.

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