Avior Bakugan

740G Haos Avior BakuganAvior bakugan is a unique bakugan that was released during season 3 as part of Wrens side’s bakugan and has only gotten more popular for his power and physical appearance since his arrival. Avior has surprisingly only 2 legs and no arms, which makes him different from other bakugans. Another interesting thing about Avior is that 2 of his abilities: Long Achilles and Battle Howling extends his body in both ball form and in anime. This gives him even more power and maneuverability. He works for Wrens team and has very superior power. In the show, he is 900G’s, but in real life, it is usually between 600 and 800G’s. His battle gear is Lashor, so if you have this battle gear it makes Avior more valuable. Although currently he is considered common, he is still really worth getting and comes in great mixed colors.

620G Darkus Avior BakuganAvior has been seen in a few gundalian episodes such as 4 and 8. In episode 4, Mason Brown, (a member of Wrens team), battled a unknown spectator and won easily with a few cards and beat him in the last round with Long Achilles, possibly his most powerful ability. He also defeated Jake with Subterra Coredom. In total, Avior has 6 abilities. (Go to Bakugan Wiki). In episode 8, Mason used Aviors battle gear Lashor, and still lost against his opponent, revealing he isn’t that powerful. In fact, Avior is the oldest bakugan existing in Gudalian.

630G Pyrus Avior BakuganAvior’s body is like a chicken (no offence). In ball form though, he has 2 legs, up-facing wings, and a tail. Aviors neck can be extended when using Long Achilles and is also crucial when putting on battle gear. Doing this is easy, because you just have to flip down the tail when he is opened. In this stage, you have to place it one a card for it to stand up. You can see the features and details on the neck and wings. It also has wings, but they can only be seen when opened in anime. Avior is easy to close. After making sure he is no longer extended, flip in the head, and then the wings. Finally, clip in the tail, but it might take a little strength to do this part. The rest of the body; feet, horn, etc, closes like any other bakugans. Overall, Avior is a great bakugan and is very cool. I would definitely recommend buying him.

Ingram Bakugan

Pyrus Ingram bakuganIngram bakugan is currently popular. This is probably because of its physical structure, which is quite different from most other bakugans. He has 3 tail feathers and 2 sets of massive wings spread non-parallel to the body. One interesting thing about Ingram is that he has 2 switchable heads; one looks like a bird’s, and the other one like a human’s. It is the first form of Ingram and has a separated plate to cover his body. Although in the Japanese version he is male, there is a common debate on Ingram’s true gender, but he was confirmed to be male later after his fan website. He has medium strength and has many abilities. Because of this, Ingram’s abilities do not contain much power, resulting in a few losses. This bakugan is classified as common but has a very varied color extension. Some of the rarest colors you can find are half- clear and half solid, some are translucent green or red, and I’ve even found some that are black with light-blue trimmings. They come in some of the coolest colors I’ve seen as well; however their G-powers are unknown. There is also a just-released type called MorphLite Ingram flashlight that comes in very shiny green and white colors, with a button that makes it light up. It is extremely rare, and the only place I know to get them is at eBay.

Darkus Ingram BakuganIngram battled in the following episodes: 6, 15, and 20. In episode 6, Shun made his first appearance in new Vestroia. He aided Dan and helped defeat Spectra and Gus. Ingram was capable of defeating Vulcan with 2 abilities but sat out when Drago took on Helios. He dodged a single blow from Helios, but Hylash was unable to escape in time and lost. In episode 15, Ingram battled Hades Disguised as Hydranoid. He lost because of the combined powers of Fortress and Hades. Later, Ingram was locked up along with Shun and freed in episode 20. In this episode, Ace, Marucho, and Shun came out in time to see Drago fight, but they had no interference with the current battle. Later, all the bakugan were restored to their original form and the dimension controller was destroyed.

Ventus Ingram BakuganBesides being part bird, Ingram also has a humanoid form that can be altered in battle, though it has no effect. I found it rather hard to close because of the mass of tail feathers. The head needs to be held in place as the bottom, medium, and then back (top) feathers are placed in consecutively. The feet are simple and have 4 claws. The tail at the back actually has 2 segments at equal length. You can lay them flat, or choose to keep it up with the rest of the body. G-power can be from 500-790G’s and colors can differ with the type of Ingram you get. The most common colors are probably black, or green. He comes in five variations: Cosmic Ingram, Ingram, Master Ingram, Boost Ingram, Flash Ingram, and Shadow Wing. Ingram can ride Hylash for speed, and combining power levels, they can also use combo attacks that are usually used at the end of a battle. Overall, Ingram is very powerful, and has many unique abilities like rearranging his form, and color.

Apollonir Bakugan

Just because some newly released bakugan toys are getting hot, it doesn't mean no one cares about older bakugans anymore. In fact, new or old, every bakugan has its own collectible values. Apollonir is one of the retired bakugan toys that is often on the list of children favorites, and surely one of the greatest gift ideas for any occasions.

Apollonir is a legendary Dragonoid bakugan with 4 sets of wings and a large body. It is currently rare, and now it barely sells anymore. He is a strong bakugan, and it has many cool parts and details. Apollonir has no evolutions, and is the leader of the six soldiers of vistroia. I currently have a black and gold 800g Apollonir. The colors on the wings are awesome, and you can see the carved wing patterns inside them. I’ve seen the black, red and white colors, but sometimes they come in green and duel colored. I like Apollonir because of its unique neck and head shape; it even has a working jaw. I would also recommend it as a powerful alley in battle. Apollonir has no owner, like the other six soldiers, but has powerful abilities like burning infinity which takes 500Gs from the opp, and adds 600Gs to his. Occasionally, he activates an ability of a different attribute and is able to connect with the power of the other six legendary soldiers.

Apollonir had been seen in a few of the new Vestroia and old Vestroia episodes. When Dan battled Apollonir in season 1 episode 33, Apollonir lost to Delta Dragonoid, who was on a mission to evolve. “Maximum Pyrus”, increased his fire attack by a large amount, but Dan won with a final ability. Another attempt to defeat Zenoheld in episode 27 was also a loss, but I think these defeats don’t suggest that Apollonir is weak. He is perfectly capable of defeating enemies and has still gotten stronger since his first appearance back in season one. Apollonir has 2 recommended abilities: Neo Valute and Saiam Low. Neo Valute will drop the opponents power level down to Apollonir’s, which is useful if Apollonir has a very low power level. Saiam Low will send the opp. Power level down to Zero! This card is hard to find, but it is extremely helpful in battle.

Apollonir has very detailed wings, neck, and its whole body seems to have strange fire carvings. There is a loose horn at the top of the head, and claws on the body that face forward. Apollonir’s tail is short and shapes like an arrow. I really like it because is more complex than most bakugan. The wings seem to connect, but if you look at the inner half, you will see that the carvings resembled 8 wings, 4 at each side. Apollonir also has 2 feet that must be opened after or before battle. He is easy to open and close since it doesn’t have many parts. Currently Apollonir is retired, you can't find it in stores, though you can still find it online, but generally they are not cheap. I definitely recommend it to anyone who can find Apollonir.

Quake Dragonoid

Quake Dragonoid is a super assault version of the Dragonoid series, which gives it extra power in battle. Though it was never voiced or seen in episodes, its special ability gives it the capability of vibrating when opened, and turning in a quarter circle. The easy-to-recognize feature is the wings, which display a circular shape and a large hole to the left flank. This makes room for a device for you to twist to make the bakugan vibrate upon opening. He has a different design than most other Dragonoids; most parts are at the back of the bakugan, with very high G-power. Aquos has 940, Ventus has 950, Haos has 960, and if you can find the Pyrus version that is 1000Gs, I would definitely recommend buying it. He is an evolution bakugan, so if you want him in battle, you have to evolve him from another Dragonoid that is 640Gs or lower. He has many abilities which makes him convenient in quick battle and will aid easily at the beginning of a brawl. Mine is Darkus with 950Gs, and also has green and yellow colors somewhere along the top and neck. They always seem to be very good quality. Quake Dragonoid has almost no limit to power, and has changed dramatically fast since his past evolutions.

Even though it has not yet been seen in episodes, it is believed to be the evolution of Lumino Dragonoid. Currently, nobody knows when he will evolve. Quake Dragonoid is capable of shooting ultra intense fire blasts and can create avalanches by sending shockwaves through the ground. So far, Quake Dragonoid is not very popular, and not much is known about him. Some body parts I am able to decipher are one pair of wings, and a broad scaled chest that holds the diamond containing the perfect core. He also has a long tail with a glowing orb at the end. Ability cards are currently unknown. Although Quake Dragonoid may seem to be Sub-terra, but he is still Pyrus attributed.

Quake Dragonoid has an advanced structure with wings folded at 135 degrees away from the front. The head is small with little details and the tail is short with some sort of scaled rattle at the end similar to Serpenoids. There is one wing that has a large hole as mentioned earlier that makes room for the gear. Turn this gear counterclockwise while in ball form about 4 times and it will shake when opened. The feet are strange because they face upwards when opened instead of downward like most bakugan balls, which means they open along with the bakugan. This is very convenient when used in battle. The mouth opens and closes freely. However, one thing I find annoying is that you can see all the mechanical things and gears in the front and are perfectly visible. I would recommend buying him if you find it in stores like Walgreens, Wal-mart, ToysRUs and Target. They are also a popular sale on eBay, and make sure to look out for the red one which is the most powerful.

Helix Dragonoid

Helix Dragonoid may be one of the most popular bakugan released. He has a human/dragon appearance and has only one set of small wings. He is currently the latest Dragonoid bakugan. Helix Dragonoid is powerful because he has evolved 5 times before he reached his highest stage in New Vestroia. He will later evolve into Lumino Dragonoid in episode 12 (gundalian) showing he is certainly close to starting a whole new evolutionary process. Known greatly for his strength and dodging skills, he is also able to activate 8 different abilities and holds 2 fusion abilities called power glazer and dragon impulse. This makes him 1 of 3 bakugans to have more than 1 fusion ability. Helix Dragonoid comes in very high G power as well, ranging from 600 to 800Gs, but you may also find them well over 900Gs. In many cases, Helix Dragonoid has many things that make him different from other bakugan.

Helix Dragonoid is commonly seen in episodes of season 3. He has battled almost all members of Wrens team and has built up skill and power from the constant battling. He is seen in episodes 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, and he will appear in episode 12. In episode 9, Helix Dragonoid fights 2 kids equipped with the bakugan Volt Eleziod, Longfly, Ramdol, and Ziperator. With the help of Coredom, he won with a sub-terra ability. This was due to Jake using an ability that turned Drago into an earth elemental. In total, he won 4 out of 5 battles in Gundalia. However, in his first battle with Wren, the combined energy was so great that Marucho had to shut down Bakugan Interspace.

In simple stages, Helix Dragonoid has a wide spread body with twin wings on the back and a thin tail. The upper front part of his body contributes only a small portion of his entire set. It is very detailed, with 3 horns on the head and triangle shaped carvings on its back. These parts look very human like. Other important joints are the feet, and loose hands. You can also see the natural markings all around the body. Because of all these, Helix Dragonoid is very difficult to close. You would have to keep the arms in a specific position to clip in the wings since the bakugan can hold battle gear, and the head is difficult to keep still. But I believe this is a minor problem. I think he is definitely worth getting because his body shows great details and Helix Dragonoid comes in every color and form like deka, and can be translucent, though rare. and I would advise all bakugan collectors to have one.

Jetkor Bakugan Battle Gear

Jetkor was an early-released battle gear known to be one of the first 2 battle gears to exist. Its main attribute is known to be silver, but can vary along with bronze and gold. Jetkor is available in deluxe and can also come in Deka version, which can only be applied to Deka Bakugan, of course. Its G-power varies between 50 and 70Gs; and like most battle gear, it has a different secure value for all attributes. Currently, silver Jetkor has the lowest G-power of 50, bronze/copper has 60G, and the highest G-power in existence belongs to the gold Jetkor (70G), which is relatively harder to find in stores. Jetkor aids Pyrus bakugan such as Helix Dragonoid. Although Jetkor is not exactly in frequent use, I think it has enough physical strength to take down and defeat many enemies. It is a battle gear worth getting in stores or online. I have a silver Jetkor with 50Gs. Usually, Jetkor is all red with only the details showing the color of the attributes, but there is the wave 2 silver version which is the other way around.

Jetkor was Used by Dan in Episode 45

Jetkor made its first appearance in episode 45, where Dan used it to battle 2 digital clones. Jetkor has 4 main abilities: Jetkor, Jetkor Delta, Jetkor level 2, and Jetkor flame impact. Laser Blast is considered a secondary ability. In the end of this battle, Dan and Drago won with only a few abilities. Other episodes were all recorded in the new season 3 episodes, like episode 3, when Dan battles Arnaut, who also used battle gear. Dan used only 1 ability and beat Arnaut and battle crasher. Jetkor is always in frequent use by Dan

Jetkor is a bit Unsteady

Jetkor is often described as unsteady, and often does fall, but the body has many features, such as the two lasers/cannons at the front of the gear. The sides have fold-in triangle wings with the dimension code on the bottom of the gear. Other common characteristics are the two freeze rays that are at both sides of the planes. To close the battlegear, flip up the bottom half of the stem, and hold it down. In order to close its wings, you’ll have to push in the lasers first. IT is relatively easier to close than most battlegear. Overall, it is light, and a good bakugan gear to have.

Deka Jetkor Video

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