Helix Dragonoid

Helix Dragonoid may be one of the most popular bakugan released. He has a human/dragon appearance and has only one set of small wings. He is currently the latest Dragonoid bakugan. Helix Dragonoid is powerful because he has evolved 5 times before he reached his highest stage in New Vestroia. He will later evolve into Lumino Dragonoid in episode 12 (gundalian) showing he is certainly close to starting a whole new evolutionary process. Known greatly for his strength and dodging skills, he is also able to activate 8 different abilities and holds 2 fusion abilities called power glazer and dragon impulse. This makes him 1 of 3 bakugans to have more than 1 fusion ability. Helix Dragonoid comes in very high G power as well, ranging from 600 to 800Gs, but you may also find them well over 900Gs. In many cases, Helix Dragonoid has many things that make him different from other bakugan.

Helix Dragonoid is commonly seen in episodes of season 3. He has battled almost all members of Wrens team and has built up skill and power from the constant battling. He is seen in episodes 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, and he will appear in episode 12. In episode 9, Helix Dragonoid fights 2 kids equipped with the bakugan Volt Eleziod, Longfly, Ramdol, and Ziperator. With the help of Coredom, he won with a sub-terra ability. This was due to Jake using an ability that turned Drago into an earth elemental. In total, he won 4 out of 5 battles in Gundalia. However, in his first battle with Wren, the combined energy was so great that Marucho had to shut down Bakugan Interspace.

In simple stages, Helix Dragonoid has a wide spread body with twin wings on the back and a thin tail. The upper front part of his body contributes only a small portion of his entire set. It is very detailed, with 3 horns on the head and triangle shaped carvings on its back. These parts look very human like. Other important joints are the feet, and loose hands. You can also see the natural markings all around the body. Because of all these, Helix Dragonoid is very difficult to close. You would have to keep the arms in a specific position to clip in the wings since the bakugan can hold battle gear, and the head is difficult to keep still. But I believe this is a minor problem. I think he is definitely worth getting because his body shows great details and Helix Dragonoid comes in every color and form like deka, and can be translucent, though rare. and I would advise all bakugan collectors to have one.


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