Dartaak Trap Bakugan

Ventus Green DartaakDartaak is possibly the most unique bakugan trap conquered in New Vistroia. Although he was not known to have appeared, he is battle-ready and possesses a special ability to split in two when opened. The front of Dartaak shoots out like a bullet. Some may have guessed already, that the trap is very well capable of knocking out an unstable bakugan or battle gear from any confrontation. His main attribute is surprisingly unknown, probably Ventus due to the lack of proper knowledge about him. He has a humanoid form with protective armor and large sealed arms. His shoulders carry two spikes. He can actually shoot a living bullet out of his chest and his agility is legendary. This gives him a huge advantage in combat. Dartaak is a G-power trap that can add up to 900gs to another bakugan. Dartaak belongs to the collection of Dragonoid trap bakugan as shown of bakugan wiki. On the old Vestroia’s trap posters, the bakugan Dartaak was named instead of “Dart Dragonoid”. He can also add both G-powers on the game pieces. If you roll a Dartaak and it lands on your opponents gate card, you can add both G’s. If it lands on your own gate card, you can only add the G-power on the piece that stays behind.

Haos Gray DartaakThe part that shoots the secondary trap looks similar to Wilda. The secondary trap contains a single body consisting of a pair of long wings, and a neck and head. It is laid flat on it’s base and contains 3 small wheels that allow its body to slide on the battle field. Two of these wheels are located on its neck and main territory. There is a peg located behind it which is used to cause the event of movement. It must be inserted into the larger game piece to be launched in a game. When opened, the head piece can shoot out at a fast speed, may be traveling as far as 16 inches. Enemies in front of it can easily be knocked down (It is harder if the enemy is on a gate card though). It has been seen in Aquos, Darkus, Haos, Ventus only, there are no translucent or other special colors. Most Dartaaks you will find are in very good shape and quality.

Darkus DartaakThe smaller piece has a much smaller G-power. It can range from 40, to 90, but it doesn’t really depend on the attribute of the existing bakugan. I’ve seen an Aquos Dartaak with 860G’s, and another with 1300G’s, though mostly it's seen in 650 and 50G; Darkus one is seen in 680G + 70G and 900G + 40G; green Ventus Dartaak has been made available in 780G + 70G and 860G + 40G; I've only seen Haos one in 700G + 90G, though it is possible that is might be also available in other G combination since all other attributes are. Anyway, the total G-power can range from 700 to 1300. If you are looking for adding more varieties to your bakugan collection, I would definitely recommend buying this bakugan toy.

Mantris Bakugan

Pearl Mantris 420GMantris is by far one of the most interesting bakugan relative to the earlier bakugan. As some might have guessed, Mantris looks like the praying mantis in the real world. He has two flicking front arms connected with two joints. However, this feature doesn’t give it a chance of knocking another bakugan off of its gate card. This always results in an automatic win for the roller. However, it is amusing watching it attacks the enemy when opening. On the other hand, Mantris is not very complex and besides the four legs, he has no other features whatsoever. The head is very colorful though. You can find it in purple, red, green, gold, even metallic. And the eyes are always different. The body is always neon, and can be translucent and pearl. My Mantris is 450G’s, but it can go as high as 620. They are very colorful and unique. Furthermore, Mantris is a powerful bakugan. In fact, one of his abilities, Marionette, was featured on a real life ability card, only any bakugan can use it, not just Mantris.

420G Pyrus MantrisMantris was seen in episode one, where he battled Dan and a Pyrus Serpenoid. Although at first Serpenoid was prevailing, the opponent opened up a Subterra gate card which increased his power level by 100G’s. Then Mantris defeated Serpenoid. In the show, Mantris appeared many times in battles, so over time their power went from 290, to 390G’s. Also, in episode 36, Masquerade made his first move by sending the opponents Darkus Centipoid to another gate card. After that, he battled Exedra by doubling his power level with a gate character card. Unfortunately, Alice used “Demon Wizard” that canceled his character and used Wormquake's power to add to his. Therefore, Mantris lost. But I still believe that he is a very powerful bakugan. The bakugan has five abilities named Twin Machete, Sling Blazer, Marionette, Slice Cutter, and Doom Companion. These cards make him very strong in battle.

Mantris Bakugan Features
530G Subterra Mantris550G Aquos MantrisThe most recognizable feature in Mantris is the two front arms that extend forward to attack. This makes Mantris looks quite fierce. They are needed to be folded in in order to close the bakugan. Mantris also has a long thick neck and an arachnid head. His eyes are large and this color is always different from the body. Unlike most bakugan, Mantris has four small legs you have to pop out in order for it to stand up properly. The rest of the body is simple and the design is not very special. However, they come in all different colors you probably would not find from any other bakugan. I know that Mantris’ color variation is very specific. A brown Subterra Mantris has a gold head and green eyes along with darker brown marks on the body; a blue Aquos Mantris has a red head and green eyes mixed with green marks on the body; a green Ventus Mantris has a purple head with yellow eyes, the marks on the body is also green, but darker and glitters; a gray Haos one has a blue head with red eyes and golden body marks; a black Darkus Mantris has a green head with red eyes and purple body marks; a red Pyrus Mantris is more exciting, since it has a silver head that resembles metal, the eyes are black and body marks are printed golden red; a pearl Mantris has a green head with red eyes, and the marks on the body are in dark green. If you have a translucent one, most likely it is a lime green. Out of all the color variations, I personally feel the most exciting ones are Pyrus, Darkus, and Pearl; the lime green translucent one may sound and look interesting in picture, but it is really not that exciting in person. The main reason is the material is more like opaque and foggy; it was not made clear, which is disappointing. To me, other colors are not that appealing. When I got my own Aquos Mantris, I felt somewhat disappointed. If you are a collector and loves Mantris in particular, then I’d say get them all; otherwise, I would recommend to buy red, black, and pearl if you have to pay for high prices.

Piercian Trap Bakugan

Subterra PiercianAlthough highly unusual, Piercian is another bakugan trap with the same exact features as its form in amine. He is an old bakugan released about the same time it appeared in episode 11. It has a strange square shape to the body and feet. Surprisingly, the marks all over its body resemble bricks. His large mass and stable shield on each arm seems to give him extra protection and has four main attributes. If you are wondering where the fourth attribute is, you can find it on the lever that separates the body, and base/feet. They can vary along with color, which can be white, brown, blue, and green. Unfortunately, he is a trap and does not come in any special color like translucent and pearl. You can sometimes get Piercian very cheap at eBay. Likely he will help in battle and most of the time he will open correctly and efficiently. All you find are good quality and probably look new; they do not have any g-power and have very precise detailing especially on the arms, face, and chest. Piercian is rather slow; however, his foundation is large and strong, made with material cells, so he should be used as backup in battle. His ability cards are very powerful and effective.

Pyrus PiercianIn quite a few battles, Peircian is victorious with the help of another bakugan. In episode 11, Peircian battles alongside Nemus and Altair and Wired are defeated, taking a large sum of their life gage. He also battles in episode 23. Like usual, Piercian combines with Nemus’s ability to take down both Brontes and Dynamo with one attack. Alone, though, he is not very successful. You can also see him battle in other even episodes like 26, 38, and 43. He has 5 abilities: Haos bunker, Tank bunker, Soliton defender, Electrocution, and Eternal cocoon. He often counts on a member from another team to increase the chance of having a successful attack in combat, and defense. In one episode (28), Peircian wasn’t capable of defeating Prince Hydron and Dryoid. Nemus’s attribute energy was taken away and Baron was defeated. Therefore proving that Peircian may not be so powerful compared to other bakugan traps. But he is relatively strong and has a large amount of force.

Ventus PiercianPeircian has a relative structure of Nemus. The top half of his body in supported by a small joint connected to the feet. It is flexible like Nemus and Bronte’s. The base is a flat formed pad that creates a secure plate on the ground. You can see the bricks on Peircian's body and he has two small hands and arms, mostly covered by two golden shields. His face has lots of detail, but rather small. Peircian is only equipped with light reflectors, and blinding rays. Although his main attribute is Haos, he can change to any other attribute in battle as long as it is featured somewhere on him. Also, he is very warrior-like and stands higher than most bakugan. His design is rather complex, and the bricks that make up his body are very visible, it is so pleasing to the eyes that I personally like it a lot. He is also easy to close and open, although he might fall due to his standard form. There are also no manual parts to open which is a plus to a bakugan. Overall, Peircian is a very powerful and resourceful bakugan to have in a force. However, this completely affects his agility. I would strongly recommend this bakugan to anyone due to its uniqueness.

Single Headed Hydranoid

Darkus HydranoidHydranoid is a single-headed tyrant, and was the most omnipotent bakugan, until Dragonoid evolved into delta Dragonoid. Hydranoid was at the base of his development, at 450G’s. In stores, or even on eBay, they are extremely rare, and I didn’t realize they actually existed for sale until I saw it on bakugan wiki. Hydranoid is a master at Darkus combat, and many powerful abilities give it extreme force when going against a Pyrus bakugan. Hydranoid battles very infrequently, so not much is known about him, or it’s fighting attainments. In the end, Hydranoid leaves the evil side, and Masquerade disappears, leaving him in Alice’s control. Hydranoid resembles a demon dragon, with strong limbs, and stands on all four legs. Spikes are commonly known to cover almost all major body parts, including the huge tail. Besides his hideous personality, this species of dragon plays a major role in the existing season 1 bakugan episodes. Nevertheless, all Hydranoids are no longer being put on for sale anywhere. You can still get them on eBay for some around $50.00. He is a very unique bakugan.

Pyrus HydranoidHydranoid battles in his current form from only a few episodes. In the last episode (52), Hydranoid attacked Naga just as he was about to get the infinity core from Drago. In episode 13, Hydranoid battles Skyress, and Drago. Although he fails the first attempt to attack either, Hydranoid unleashes another power surge and Masquerade’s card disappears, meaning he was evolving. Finally, in episode 26, he does. It was a very fast process, because the evolving came around in the middle of Clouces battle. Besides that, there’re no other recorded episodes that involve Hydranoid in battle. This bakugan is arguably the most powerful bakugan in its time, it may have been bred specifically by Ale-g to collect energy and force others into evil activity. A final word for this bakugan, is that all Hydranoids are translucent and either in red or black which is probably contributed why they sell for so much. His body is composed of ultra-strong armor, but when it comes to speed, Hydranoid is devastatingly slow and can’t run since his body is too heavy.

Real Life HydronoidHydranoid is very rare, and looks a little like Splight in ball form. There is a pop-out plate from each side and a single jointed head that reveals two more legs. The head is rather small and flat though and connects to a purple/orange horn. He also has feet, and spikes covering the neck. Hydranoid has a tail similar to Serpenoid’s. Like Drago, Hydranoid can evolve into a more powerful form. The variations are: Hydranoid, Dual Hydranoid, and Alpha Hydranoid. He can come in G-power between 400 and 700 if you’re lucky. Closing and opening it is fairly easy as well. Hydranoid has very muscular legs and is sturdy. He has a frilled neck of spines and very thick armor. Overall, this bakugan is very prone to fire blasts, and many other pierce abilities. His tail acts like a spiny flail and is used in physical combat against slow bakugan. I would strongly recommend buying it if you could find him for a lower price, because he makes a very unique and powerful addition to one’s collection.

Bakugan Glotronoid

Glotronoid is a currently new bakugan with some non-regular features from other bakugan. They have an unusually high number of scenes in the show as a more secondary bakugan. But he has only been seen battling in episode 1 and 5 of the Gundalian invaders. They are not very common, and they have the rare ability to light up when opened. However, they do not sound as others do like how Lumatroid does. He can also be seen lighting up in real mode once he activates certain abilities. He can be seen on bakugan dimensions. Glotronoid has a very thin body, and long arms and legs. He actually looks quite like a human except for his head and long neck. He has amazing agility despite its form. Power alone is extremely difficult since he was set early, but he is a very cool bakugan. I have a single glotronoid that was bought for $5.01 on ebay although you may e able to get them for less but in general it is costly due to its glowing feature. Glotronoid only comes in Subterra brown and Ventus green from what I know. However the detail (light up part) is usually a different color. If you get a sub-terra, the translucent part is red, if green, this part is clear. Luckily, he has no manual-open parts, which is very convenient.

Ventus GlotronoidGlotronoid is seen in a few episodes, but there is only one episode when Glotronoid does it in a battle. For example, in the first episode of Gundalian, an unknown kid used him in a very short battle with someone else. In episode 5, a girl used Glotronoid alongside another boy’s Subterra Snapzoid. We don’t know who won though. Glotronoid didn’t use abilities either, making him a mysterious and a not well researched bakugan. Overall, there is very little known about this bakugan. Currently, the episodes he is seen in are episodes 1, 2, 5, 12, and 14. Glotronoid’s natural offences are the retractable spine blades that are used in many abilities. He also has the ability to produce poisonous fog, blinding rays, and forces his opponents to fight against each other. Glotronoid cannot fight with battle gear since he has no pegs, but has the powers of one and a bakugan combined. Although it is true that Glotronoid is considered a secondary bakugan, he makes a great addition to the Gundalian army.

Sub-terra Glotronoid 750GGlotronoid has a large wingspan due to the two translucent blades that stick out of each. The overall body is round, the head and neck stretch out and reveal a hidden red or clear strip. This is where the light source is. The head alone is very flat and un-detailed, and the neck has a curve outwards. Even though the bakugan has feet, they do not have to be opened manually, because they naturally pop out when the wings open. However, it gives trouble when closing the bakugan. Glotronoid always has a tab on his back that you need a screwdriver to open. I do know Glotronoid requires 2 of the same battery (like median size watch battery) to function properly. The G-power is often around or exactly 750, so he is very powerful. You can see most of the mechanical parts at the side. I like Glotronoid very much and strongly recommend it to everyone's collection.

Jumping Skyress

Skyress is an old bakugan, yet it is still very popular due to the fact that it is no longer sold in stores. It was one of the most powerful bakugans to exist during her time. Skyress is one of the few bakugans to be female, and has superior agility. A well known fact about her is the ability to jump when getting rolled. If you look for the flat circle with arrows near the magnet, you have to balance Skyress on this. After preparing the bakugan in this form, flick Skyress forward and it will jump, that is why Skyress is widely called Jumping Skyress. According to Baku wiki, Skyress only has two evolutions. Many believe that there is a “Jumping Skyress” that is different than the original Skyress, but actually the regular Skyress has the exact same features and they are the same. Except for translucent and dual color, this bakugan can come in all colors including pearl. Skyress has never lost once, which proves that she is very powerful, despite the fact that her abilities have small effect and her G-power usually goes no higher than 400 or 500G’s. Skyress evolves into Storm Skyress. Her most powerful ability is Green Nobility Violent Wind, which doubles her power level. Skyress can be found in size B2 as well, but did not play a major role in battling because of her strength. G-power in B2 size goes higher than 500.

Skyress participated in relatively few battles, but in some episodes such as 15, and 13, Skyress’ powers become legendary. Skyress bears a striking ability to resurrect herself after being defeated, which accompanies her in several occasions. In episode 13, Shun teams up with Masquerade to battle Dan. Skyress battles at the end turning against Masquerade, and helps divert attention to Hydranoid as Drago defeats him with a “burning dragon” attack. After Masquerade disappears, Shun battles Dan. Drago leads with “fire tornado”. Skyress dodges his attack easily and flips Drago over at the same time. Skyress then uses her most powerful ability:”green nobility violent wind” and defeats drago with a clean blow. In episode 15, skyress battles alongside gorem, but takes on harpus alone. Gorem blocks an attack from Harpus, and then skyress defeats her with her most powerful ability. This is the end of the battle. It shows that Skyress is a very powerful bakugan.

Skyress has a simple form with basic parts such as neck, feet, wings, and a very short tail. Skyress can be found in size B-2, other than that, Skyress doesn’t have a wide variety of forms and variations, but they are available in many colors. There is also known to be a pearl Skyress in existence. Something else to have in mind, is that normal rolling is a bit difficult because of a small “horn” that will pop out very easily. This is supposed to make the Skyress jump, so normally you should start a game without rolling Skyress. This ability allows the player to jump over other bakugans. Skyress’ physical features are simple and standard sharing the same structure as Drago. Separate sections such as the neck, are thick and short, with a horn sticking out. The wings face rearward, and have a triangular shape. These bakugans are commonly between 400Gs and 500Gs in stores, but you will find others that were reprinted or custom made. In all Skyress, there are 2 colors, one for the details, and the other for the body. Skyress is a great bakugan, but I personally don’t feel it’s that special without a high G-power, especially when it is in smaller season 1 size. You can get it on ebay for above $10, some cost more than $20 or even $40 on Amazon.

Avior Bakugan

740G Haos Avior BakuganAvior bakugan is a unique bakugan that was released during season 3 as part of Wrens side’s bakugan and has only gotten more popular for his power and physical appearance since his arrival. Avior has surprisingly only 2 legs and no arms, which makes him different from other bakugans. Another interesting thing about Avior is that 2 of his abilities: Long Achilles and Battle Howling extends his body in both ball form and in anime. This gives him even more power and maneuverability. He works for Wrens team and has very superior power. In the show, he is 900G’s, but in real life, it is usually between 600 and 800G’s. His battle gear is Lashor, so if you have this battle gear it makes Avior more valuable. Although currently he is considered common, he is still really worth getting and comes in great mixed colors.

620G Darkus Avior BakuganAvior has been seen in a few gundalian episodes such as 4 and 8. In episode 4, Mason Brown, (a member of Wrens team), battled a unknown spectator and won easily with a few cards and beat him in the last round with Long Achilles, possibly his most powerful ability. He also defeated Jake with Subterra Coredom. In total, Avior has 6 abilities. (Go to Bakugan Wiki). In episode 8, Mason used Aviors battle gear Lashor, and still lost against his opponent, revealing he isn’t that powerful. In fact, Avior is the oldest bakugan existing in Gudalian.

630G Pyrus Avior BakuganAvior’s body is like a chicken (no offence). In ball form though, he has 2 legs, up-facing wings, and a tail. Aviors neck can be extended when using Long Achilles and is also crucial when putting on battle gear. Doing this is easy, because you just have to flip down the tail when he is opened. In this stage, you have to place it one a card for it to stand up. You can see the features and details on the neck and wings. It also has wings, but they can only be seen when opened in anime. Avior is easy to close. After making sure he is no longer extended, flip in the head, and then the wings. Finally, clip in the tail, but it might take a little strength to do this part. The rest of the body; feet, horn, etc, closes like any other bakugans. Overall, Avior is a great bakugan and is very cool. I would definitely recommend buying him.

Ingram Bakugan

Pyrus Ingram bakuganIngram bakugan is currently popular. This is probably because of its physical structure, which is quite different from most other bakugans. He has 3 tail feathers and 2 sets of massive wings spread non-parallel to the body. One interesting thing about Ingram is that he has 2 switchable heads; one looks like a bird’s, and the other one like a human’s. It is the first form of Ingram and has a separated plate to cover his body. Although in the Japanese version he is male, there is a common debate on Ingram’s true gender, but he was confirmed to be male later after his fan website. He has medium strength and has many abilities. Because of this, Ingram’s abilities do not contain much power, resulting in a few losses. This bakugan is classified as common but has a very varied color extension. Some of the rarest colors you can find are half- clear and half solid, some are translucent green or red, and I’ve even found some that are black with light-blue trimmings. They come in some of the coolest colors I’ve seen as well; however their G-powers are unknown. There is also a just-released type called MorphLite Ingram flashlight that comes in very shiny green and white colors, with a button that makes it light up. It is extremely rare, and the only place I know to get them is at eBay.

Darkus Ingram BakuganIngram battled in the following episodes: 6, 15, and 20. In episode 6, Shun made his first appearance in new Vestroia. He aided Dan and helped defeat Spectra and Gus. Ingram was capable of defeating Vulcan with 2 abilities but sat out when Drago took on Helios. He dodged a single blow from Helios, but Hylash was unable to escape in time and lost. In episode 15, Ingram battled Hades Disguised as Hydranoid. He lost because of the combined powers of Fortress and Hades. Later, Ingram was locked up along with Shun and freed in episode 20. In this episode, Ace, Marucho, and Shun came out in time to see Drago fight, but they had no interference with the current battle. Later, all the bakugan were restored to their original form and the dimension controller was destroyed.

Ventus Ingram BakuganBesides being part bird, Ingram also has a humanoid form that can be altered in battle, though it has no effect. I found it rather hard to close because of the mass of tail feathers. The head needs to be held in place as the bottom, medium, and then back (top) feathers are placed in consecutively. The feet are simple and have 4 claws. The tail at the back actually has 2 segments at equal length. You can lay them flat, or choose to keep it up with the rest of the body. G-power can be from 500-790G’s and colors can differ with the type of Ingram you get. The most common colors are probably black, or green. He comes in five variations: Cosmic Ingram, Ingram, Master Ingram, Boost Ingram, Flash Ingram, and Shadow Wing. Ingram can ride Hylash for speed, and combining power levels, they can also use combo attacks that are usually used at the end of a battle. Overall, Ingram is very powerful, and has many unique abilities like rearranging his form, and color.

Apollonir Bakugan

Just because some newly released bakugan toys are getting hot, it doesn't mean no one cares about older bakugans anymore. In fact, new or old, every bakugan has its own collectible values. Apollonir is one of the retired bakugan toys that is often on the list of children favorites, and surely one of the greatest gift ideas for any occasions.

Apollonir is a legendary Dragonoid bakugan with 4 sets of wings and a large body. It is currently rare, and now it barely sells anymore. He is a strong bakugan, and it has many cool parts and details. Apollonir has no evolutions, and is the leader of the six soldiers of vistroia. I currently have a black and gold 800g Apollonir. The colors on the wings are awesome, and you can see the carved wing patterns inside them. I’ve seen the black, red and white colors, but sometimes they come in green and duel colored. I like Apollonir because of its unique neck and head shape; it even has a working jaw. I would also recommend it as a powerful alley in battle. Apollonir has no owner, like the other six soldiers, but has powerful abilities like burning infinity which takes 500Gs from the opp, and adds 600Gs to his. Occasionally, he activates an ability of a different attribute and is able to connect with the power of the other six legendary soldiers.

Apollonir had been seen in a few of the new Vestroia and old Vestroia episodes. When Dan battled Apollonir in season 1 episode 33, Apollonir lost to Delta Dragonoid, who was on a mission to evolve. “Maximum Pyrus”, increased his fire attack by a large amount, but Dan won with a final ability. Another attempt to defeat Zenoheld in episode 27 was also a loss, but I think these defeats don’t suggest that Apollonir is weak. He is perfectly capable of defeating enemies and has still gotten stronger since his first appearance back in season one. Apollonir has 2 recommended abilities: Neo Valute and Saiam Low. Neo Valute will drop the opponents power level down to Apollonir’s, which is useful if Apollonir has a very low power level. Saiam Low will send the opp. Power level down to Zero! This card is hard to find, but it is extremely helpful in battle.

Apollonir has very detailed wings, neck, and its whole body seems to have strange fire carvings. There is a loose horn at the top of the head, and claws on the body that face forward. Apollonir’s tail is short and shapes like an arrow. I really like it because is more complex than most bakugan. The wings seem to connect, but if you look at the inner half, you will see that the carvings resembled 8 wings, 4 at each side. Apollonir also has 2 feet that must be opened after or before battle. He is easy to open and close since it doesn’t have many parts. Currently Apollonir is retired, you can't find it in stores, though you can still find it online, but generally they are not cheap. I definitely recommend it to anyone who can find Apollonir.

Quake Dragonoid

Quake Dragonoid is a super assault version of the Dragonoid series, which gives it extra power in battle. Though it was never voiced or seen in episodes, its special ability gives it the capability of vibrating when opened, and turning in a quarter circle. The easy-to-recognize feature is the wings, which display a circular shape and a large hole to the left flank. This makes room for a device for you to twist to make the bakugan vibrate upon opening. He has a different design than most other Dragonoids; most parts are at the back of the bakugan, with very high G-power. Aquos has 940, Ventus has 950, Haos has 960, and if you can find the Pyrus version that is 1000Gs, I would definitely recommend buying it. He is an evolution bakugan, so if you want him in battle, you have to evolve him from another Dragonoid that is 640Gs or lower. He has many abilities which makes him convenient in quick battle and will aid easily at the beginning of a brawl. Mine is Darkus with 950Gs, and also has green and yellow colors somewhere along the top and neck. They always seem to be very good quality. Quake Dragonoid has almost no limit to power, and has changed dramatically fast since his past evolutions.

Even though it has not yet been seen in episodes, it is believed to be the evolution of Lumino Dragonoid. Currently, nobody knows when he will evolve. Quake Dragonoid is capable of shooting ultra intense fire blasts and can create avalanches by sending shockwaves through the ground. So far, Quake Dragonoid is not very popular, and not much is known about him. Some body parts I am able to decipher are one pair of wings, and a broad scaled chest that holds the diamond containing the perfect core. He also has a long tail with a glowing orb at the end. Ability cards are currently unknown. Although Quake Dragonoid may seem to be Sub-terra, but he is still Pyrus attributed.

Quake Dragonoid has an advanced structure with wings folded at 135 degrees away from the front. The head is small with little details and the tail is short with some sort of scaled rattle at the end similar to Serpenoids. There is one wing that has a large hole as mentioned earlier that makes room for the gear. Turn this gear counterclockwise while in ball form about 4 times and it will shake when opened. The feet are strange because they face upwards when opened instead of downward like most bakugan balls, which means they open along with the bakugan. This is very convenient when used in battle. The mouth opens and closes freely. However, one thing I find annoying is that you can see all the mechanical things and gears in the front and are perfectly visible. I would recommend buying him if you find it in stores like Walgreens, Wal-mart, ToysRUs and Target. They are also a popular sale on eBay, and make sure to look out for the red one which is the most powerful.

Helix Dragonoid

Helix Dragonoid may be one of the most popular bakugan released. He has a human/dragon appearance and has only one set of small wings. He is currently the latest Dragonoid bakugan. Helix Dragonoid is powerful because he has evolved 5 times before he reached his highest stage in New Vestroia. He will later evolve into Lumino Dragonoid in episode 12 (gundalian) showing he is certainly close to starting a whole new evolutionary process. Known greatly for his strength and dodging skills, he is also able to activate 8 different abilities and holds 2 fusion abilities called power glazer and dragon impulse. This makes him 1 of 3 bakugans to have more than 1 fusion ability. Helix Dragonoid comes in very high G power as well, ranging from 600 to 800Gs, but you may also find them well over 900Gs. In many cases, Helix Dragonoid has many things that make him different from other bakugan.

Helix Dragonoid is commonly seen in episodes of season 3. He has battled almost all members of Wrens team and has built up skill and power from the constant battling. He is seen in episodes 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, and he will appear in episode 12. In episode 9, Helix Dragonoid fights 2 kids equipped with the bakugan Volt Eleziod, Longfly, Ramdol, and Ziperator. With the help of Coredom, he won with a sub-terra ability. This was due to Jake using an ability that turned Drago into an earth elemental. In total, he won 4 out of 5 battles in Gundalia. However, in his first battle with Wren, the combined energy was so great that Marucho had to shut down Bakugan Interspace.

In simple stages, Helix Dragonoid has a wide spread body with twin wings on the back and a thin tail. The upper front part of his body contributes only a small portion of his entire set. It is very detailed, with 3 horns on the head and triangle shaped carvings on its back. These parts look very human like. Other important joints are the feet, and loose hands. You can also see the natural markings all around the body. Because of all these, Helix Dragonoid is very difficult to close. You would have to keep the arms in a specific position to clip in the wings since the bakugan can hold battle gear, and the head is difficult to keep still. But I believe this is a minor problem. I think he is definitely worth getting because his body shows great details and Helix Dragonoid comes in every color and form like deka, and can be translucent, though rare. and I would advise all bakugan collectors to have one.

Jetkor Bakugan Battle Gear

Jetkor was an early-released battle gear known to be one of the first 2 battle gears to exist. Its main attribute is known to be silver, but can vary along with bronze and gold. Jetkor is available in deluxe and can also come in Deka version, which can only be applied to Deka Bakugan, of course. Its G-power varies between 50 and 70Gs; and like most battle gear, it has a different secure value for all attributes. Currently, silver Jetkor has the lowest G-power of 50, bronze/copper has 60G, and the highest G-power in existence belongs to the gold Jetkor (70G), which is relatively harder to find in stores. Jetkor aids Pyrus bakugan such as Helix Dragonoid. Although Jetkor is not exactly in frequent use, I think it has enough physical strength to take down and defeat many enemies. It is a battle gear worth getting in stores or online. I have a silver Jetkor with 50Gs. Usually, Jetkor is all red with only the details showing the color of the attributes, but there is the wave 2 silver version which is the other way around.

Jetkor was Used by Dan in Episode 45

Jetkor made its first appearance in episode 45, where Dan used it to battle 2 digital clones. Jetkor has 4 main abilities: Jetkor, Jetkor Delta, Jetkor level 2, and Jetkor flame impact. Laser Blast is considered a secondary ability. In the end of this battle, Dan and Drago won with only a few abilities. Other episodes were all recorded in the new season 3 episodes, like episode 3, when Dan battles Arnaut, who also used battle gear. Dan used only 1 ability and beat Arnaut and battle crasher. Jetkor is always in frequent use by Dan

Jetkor is a bit Unsteady

Jetkor is often described as unsteady, and often does fall, but the body has many features, such as the two lasers/cannons at the front of the gear. The sides have fold-in triangle wings with the dimension code on the bottom of the gear. Other common characteristics are the two freeze rays that are at both sides of the planes. To close the battlegear, flip up the bottom half of the stem, and hold it down. In order to close its wings, you’ll have to push in the lasers first. IT is relatively easier to close than most battlegear. Overall, it is light, and a good bakugan gear to have.

Deka Jetkor Video

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Airkor Bakugan Battle Gear

Bakugan Battle Gear AirkorAirkor is a new battle gear that causes the wearer to go at very fast speed as it increases the power of attacks. One feature that I really like about Airkor is that it has diamond shaped segments. It has three diamonds on each side that face upwards, and a whip like projectile in the center, two other small diamonds behind it. Airkor was manufactured in dark only, but the diamonds come in three colors: gold, silver, and bronze. I have mine in gold with 50G. We bought it for almost 8 dollars at Target in May on the way back home after a piano competition. Different color has different G-power. The gold one has the lowest G-power of 50, but I like it the most because of the color (I'm not a G person); the bronze (copper) version has 60G, and the silver one has the highest of 70G. The attribute symbol is also made different for each color. Airkor also has green and yellow markings on the main body. It looks different from other battle gears, to me it is quite unique. It looked and felt much better than I expected when I got it so I was super thrilled at the time. It opens very easily, but takes little time to close.

airkorWhen closed, Airkor has a near square front overall, with a tail at the center. It is hard to describe the look of it in writing, but is shows 2 flexible joints in the two wings at each side. They need to be folded in order for it to close. The side is the diamond shape showing the largest diamond segment with smaller ones hidden inside, all segments flip first and open upwards. Overall, the entire body is not that complicated, yet it surprises you how great it looks and works. It is my very first bakugan battle gear, I was thrilled to see it when we bought it. It is a great battle gear, I would absolutely recommend it to all bakugan battle brawler lovers.

Airkor Belongs to Dharak

Airkor and DharakAirkor currently has not been seen in the episodes of gundalian. It looks just like the actual version in the episodes. I don’t know mush about Airkor, but it belongs to Dharak, possibly the most powerful bakugan in existence. My guess is that it is very powerful, even though it has never really been used. In episode 52, there is a glimpse of Darahk wearing Airkor at war against the bakugan. But it was fairly short.

Airkor Comes in Deluxe

Airkor Deluxe Airkor is special because it is one of the few battle gears that may come in deluxe. Deluxe battle gears all have a translucent part somewhere in the body, in Deluxe Airkor, it glows in the center. They are extremely hard to find in stores or online. If you find one of these rare collectibles, I would strongly recommend you to buy them right away. The DNA code to bakugan dimensions is at the bottom of the battle gear.

Watch Airkor video review

Airkor also comes in Deka version. Here is a video review: Deka Airkor Review

Altair Bakugan

Altair is a mechanical bakugan made by professor clay. Although, I don’t personally like buying mechanical bakugan, it is relatively strong and is worth buying. I got mine for $3.25 on eBay, and any Altair can combine with a WIRED which is another mechanical bakugan, so it makes it even more valuable if you have a Wired already. It comes mostly in white, black, or translucent of one of these, and can also be seen in bakusteel, but this is rare to find. Occasionally, you will see green and red ones. If you do find a bakusteel, BUY IT immediately. It has a few pop-out parts like the spikes at the tail and horns. The wings are rather detailed. However, they are not very special and do not have high G-powers, making them easy to defeat in combat. In fact, the highest G-power so far is only 710. It looks kind of like a bird. Altair is used by Lync, a powerful Vexos brawler. Even though it does not have many abilities, it has a better chance of winning against a weak subterra bakugan.

Altair uses only a few powerful abilities such as “spinalsaucer” which increased his g-power by 200, “thunderfire”, and a few others. He battle in episode 7, only to find out that his system was malfunctioning, stopping the battle early. (This will not happen in real life). Before this happened, Altair was winning dodging Wilda’s first attack, while Altair hit his opponent. Once Altair combined “Megasail” and “Thunderfire”, Mira used a bakugan trap, which blocked Altair’s corresponding attack. Then Altair began to malfunction.

Altair has a body similar to Wired’s. The wings have stripes in a cross back pattern. With eyes like a real mechanical bakugan, and tail used to connect with Wired. Altair’s tail looks like its neck, the wings also spread in front of the body, giving it a bird like structure. It is not really a rare bakugan, most of the time you can find it in stores, and the colors aren’t always that special. Besides the combination with Wired, it doesn’t have any other special feature. Plus, it isn’t that unique. If you have a lot of common bakugans, it is a bakugan worth getting.

Alpha Percival

Alpha Percival is a common humanoid new Vestroia bakugan who uses his cape for invisibility and shoots plasma bullets from his head and his gauntlets. I like it because of its design. Its not a very complex bakugan. They come in great colors like black and red. We have a black and purple one with 720G. It is in great shape, opens and closes very tight. It has a working jaw similar to Abis Omega's, and a short tail. Its main attribute is Darkus, owned by Ace. It is easy to close and opens, but it does not have a good chance of winning in battle if it has less than 600Gs. It is a core bakugan. We got ours for free from a friend, but on eBay, a good price would be around $2.50 with no cards included. In stores, it sells for about $6.50 with 2 cards. Alpha Percival is definitely a good bakugan to own and is worth getting if you can, yet I would not strongly recommend you to buy it from most online stores who sell it for high prices; but if you prefer it with cards, or want better quality assurance, you should buy it in stores like Target, ToysRUs, or Walgreens.

Alpha Percival is the evolved version of Midnight Percival when he showed up in episode 27, due to the attribute energy of the "six legendary soldiers of Vestroia". This made him even more powerful and later took on Mira and Gus. Percival won (not a surprise) and was able to help out Dan. Percival used totally new abilities. He is a powerful fighter, and is very fast. Plus, it has many good abilities. It is often confused as a 3-headed dragon, but the two secondary "dragon heads" are actually gauntlet designs; what look like his wings are in fact his cape. Neon translucent green is one of the limited editions.

When Percival in ball form released in battle, he can spout a pillar to defeat his opponent. This pillar is not made of fire but of a mass of dark energy. It was revealed that Percival was given to Ace by Mira when Ace decided to join the Bakugan Resistance.

A Bit about Alpha Percival Cyclone
Alpha Percival comes in special attack and core. In the special attack version, he is called Alpha Percival Cyclone (APC). Spinning, he has a better chance of knocking off another bakugan, resulting in an automatic win. It looks the same though. The core type is a normal bakugan with no special features. There is no known way to tell a APC from an Alpha Percival besides the package it comes in. Either way, though Alpha Percival is a common bakugan, and is still worth buying.

Alpha Percival Video Review
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