Bakugan Glotronoid

Glotronoid is a currently new bakugan with some non-regular features from other bakugan. They have an unusually high number of scenes in the show as a more secondary bakugan. But he has only been seen battling in episode 1 and 5 of the Gundalian invaders. They are not very common, and they have the rare ability to light up when opened. However, they do not sound as others do like how Lumatroid does. He can also be seen lighting up in real mode once he activates certain abilities. He can be seen on bakugan dimensions. Glotronoid has a very thin body, and long arms and legs. He actually looks quite like a human except for his head and long neck. He has amazing agility despite its form. Power alone is extremely difficult since he was set early, but he is a very cool bakugan. I have a single glotronoid that was bought for $5.01 on ebay although you may e able to get them for less but in general it is costly due to its glowing feature. Glotronoid only comes in Subterra brown and Ventus green from what I know. However the detail (light up part) is usually a different color. If you get a sub-terra, the translucent part is red, if green, this part is clear. Luckily, he has no manual-open parts, which is very convenient.

Ventus GlotronoidGlotronoid is seen in a few episodes, but there is only one episode when Glotronoid does it in a battle. For example, in the first episode of Gundalian, an unknown kid used him in a very short battle with someone else. In episode 5, a girl used Glotronoid alongside another boy’s Subterra Snapzoid. We don’t know who won though. Glotronoid didn’t use abilities either, making him a mysterious and a not well researched bakugan. Overall, there is very little known about this bakugan. Currently, the episodes he is seen in are episodes 1, 2, 5, 12, and 14. Glotronoid’s natural offences are the retractable spine blades that are used in many abilities. He also has the ability to produce poisonous fog, blinding rays, and forces his opponents to fight against each other. Glotronoid cannot fight with battle gear since he has no pegs, but has the powers of one and a bakugan combined. Although it is true that Glotronoid is considered a secondary bakugan, he makes a great addition to the Gundalian army.

Sub-terra Glotronoid 750GGlotronoid has a large wingspan due to the two translucent blades that stick out of each. The overall body is round, the head and neck stretch out and reveal a hidden red or clear strip. This is where the light source is. The head alone is very flat and un-detailed, and the neck has a curve outwards. Even though the bakugan has feet, they do not have to be opened manually, because they naturally pop out when the wings open. However, it gives trouble when closing the bakugan. Glotronoid always has a tab on his back that you need a screwdriver to open. I do know Glotronoid requires 2 of the same battery (like median size watch battery) to function properly. The G-power is often around or exactly 750, so he is very powerful. You can see most of the mechanical parts at the side. I like Glotronoid very much and strongly recommend it to everyone's collection.


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