Dartaak Trap Bakugan

Ventus Green DartaakDartaak is possibly the most unique bakugan trap conquered in New Vistroia. Although he was not known to have appeared, he is battle-ready and possesses a special ability to split in two when opened. The front of Dartaak shoots out like a bullet. Some may have guessed already, that the trap is very well capable of knocking out an unstable bakugan or battle gear from any confrontation. His main attribute is surprisingly unknown, probably Ventus due to the lack of proper knowledge about him. He has a humanoid form with protective armor and large sealed arms. His shoulders carry two spikes. He can actually shoot a living bullet out of his chest and his agility is legendary. This gives him a huge advantage in combat. Dartaak is a G-power trap that can add up to 900gs to another bakugan. Dartaak belongs to the collection of Dragonoid trap bakugan as shown of bakugan wiki. On the old Vestroia’s trap posters, the bakugan Dartaak was named instead of “Dart Dragonoid”. He can also add both G-powers on the game pieces. If you roll a Dartaak and it lands on your opponents gate card, you can add both G’s. If it lands on your own gate card, you can only add the G-power on the piece that stays behind.

Haos Gray DartaakThe part that shoots the secondary trap looks similar to Wilda. The secondary trap contains a single body consisting of a pair of long wings, and a neck and head. It is laid flat on it’s base and contains 3 small wheels that allow its body to slide on the battle field. Two of these wheels are located on its neck and main territory. There is a peg located behind it which is used to cause the event of movement. It must be inserted into the larger game piece to be launched in a game. When opened, the head piece can shoot out at a fast speed, may be traveling as far as 16 inches. Enemies in front of it can easily be knocked down (It is harder if the enemy is on a gate card though). It has been seen in Aquos, Darkus, Haos, Ventus only, there are no translucent or other special colors. Most Dartaaks you will find are in very good shape and quality.

Darkus DartaakThe smaller piece has a much smaller G-power. It can range from 40, to 90, but it doesn’t really depend on the attribute of the existing bakugan. I’ve seen an Aquos Dartaak with 860G’s, and another with 1300G’s, though mostly it's seen in 650 and 50G; Darkus one is seen in 680G + 70G and 900G + 40G; green Ventus Dartaak has been made available in 780G + 70G and 860G + 40G; I've only seen Haos one in 700G + 90G, though it is possible that is might be also available in other G combination since all other attributes are. Anyway, the total G-power can range from 700 to 1300. If you are looking for adding more varieties to your bakugan collection, I would definitely recommend buying this bakugan toy.

Mantris Bakugan

Pearl Mantris 420GMantris is by far one of the most interesting bakugan relative to the earlier bakugan. As some might have guessed, Mantris looks like the praying mantis in the real world. He has two flicking front arms connected with two joints. However, this feature doesn’t give it a chance of knocking another bakugan off of its gate card. This always results in an automatic win for the roller. However, it is amusing watching it attacks the enemy when opening. On the other hand, Mantris is not very complex and besides the four legs, he has no other features whatsoever. The head is very colorful though. You can find it in purple, red, green, gold, even metallic. And the eyes are always different. The body is always neon, and can be translucent and pearl. My Mantris is 450G’s, but it can go as high as 620. They are very colorful and unique. Furthermore, Mantris is a powerful bakugan. In fact, one of his abilities, Marionette, was featured on a real life ability card, only any bakugan can use it, not just Mantris.

420G Pyrus MantrisMantris was seen in episode one, where he battled Dan and a Pyrus Serpenoid. Although at first Serpenoid was prevailing, the opponent opened up a Subterra gate card which increased his power level by 100G’s. Then Mantris defeated Serpenoid. In the show, Mantris appeared many times in battles, so over time their power went from 290, to 390G’s. Also, in episode 36, Masquerade made his first move by sending the opponents Darkus Centipoid to another gate card. After that, he battled Exedra by doubling his power level with a gate character card. Unfortunately, Alice used “Demon Wizard” that canceled his character and used Wormquake's power to add to his. Therefore, Mantris lost. But I still believe that he is a very powerful bakugan. The bakugan has five abilities named Twin Machete, Sling Blazer, Marionette, Slice Cutter, and Doom Companion. These cards make him very strong in battle.

Mantris Bakugan Features
530G Subterra Mantris550G Aquos MantrisThe most recognizable feature in Mantris is the two front arms that extend forward to attack. This makes Mantris looks quite fierce. They are needed to be folded in in order to close the bakugan. Mantris also has a long thick neck and an arachnid head. His eyes are large and this color is always different from the body. Unlike most bakugan, Mantris has four small legs you have to pop out in order for it to stand up properly. The rest of the body is simple and the design is not very special. However, they come in all different colors you probably would not find from any other bakugan. I know that Mantris’ color variation is very specific. A brown Subterra Mantris has a gold head and green eyes along with darker brown marks on the body; a blue Aquos Mantris has a red head and green eyes mixed with green marks on the body; a green Ventus Mantris has a purple head with yellow eyes, the marks on the body is also green, but darker and glitters; a gray Haos one has a blue head with red eyes and golden body marks; a black Darkus Mantris has a green head with red eyes and purple body marks; a red Pyrus Mantris is more exciting, since it has a silver head that resembles metal, the eyes are black and body marks are printed golden red; a pearl Mantris has a green head with red eyes, and the marks on the body are in dark green. If you have a translucent one, most likely it is a lime green. Out of all the color variations, I personally feel the most exciting ones are Pyrus, Darkus, and Pearl; the lime green translucent one may sound and look interesting in picture, but it is really not that exciting in person. The main reason is the material is more like opaque and foggy; it was not made clear, which is disappointing. To me, other colors are not that appealing. When I got my own Aquos Mantris, I felt somewhat disappointed. If you are a collector and loves Mantris in particular, then I’d say get them all; otherwise, I would recommend to buy red, black, and pearl if you have to pay for high prices.

Piercian Trap Bakugan

Subterra PiercianAlthough highly unusual, Piercian is another bakugan trap with the same exact features as its form in amine. He is an old bakugan released about the same time it appeared in episode 11. It has a strange square shape to the body and feet. Surprisingly, the marks all over its body resemble bricks. His large mass and stable shield on each arm seems to give him extra protection and has four main attributes. If you are wondering where the fourth attribute is, you can find it on the lever that separates the body, and base/feet. They can vary along with color, which can be white, brown, blue, and green. Unfortunately, he is a trap and does not come in any special color like translucent and pearl. You can sometimes get Piercian very cheap at eBay. Likely he will help in battle and most of the time he will open correctly and efficiently. All you find are good quality and probably look new; they do not have any g-power and have very precise detailing especially on the arms, face, and chest. Piercian is rather slow; however, his foundation is large and strong, made with material cells, so he should be used as backup in battle. His ability cards are very powerful and effective.

Pyrus PiercianIn quite a few battles, Peircian is victorious with the help of another bakugan. In episode 11, Peircian battles alongside Nemus and Altair and Wired are defeated, taking a large sum of their life gage. He also battles in episode 23. Like usual, Piercian combines with Nemus’s ability to take down both Brontes and Dynamo with one attack. Alone, though, he is not very successful. You can also see him battle in other even episodes like 26, 38, and 43. He has 5 abilities: Haos bunker, Tank bunker, Soliton defender, Electrocution, and Eternal cocoon. He often counts on a member from another team to increase the chance of having a successful attack in combat, and defense. In one episode (28), Peircian wasn’t capable of defeating Prince Hydron and Dryoid. Nemus’s attribute energy was taken away and Baron was defeated. Therefore proving that Peircian may not be so powerful compared to other bakugan traps. But he is relatively strong and has a large amount of force.

Ventus PiercianPeircian has a relative structure of Nemus. The top half of his body in supported by a small joint connected to the feet. It is flexible like Nemus and Bronte’s. The base is a flat formed pad that creates a secure plate on the ground. You can see the bricks on Peircian's body and he has two small hands and arms, mostly covered by two golden shields. His face has lots of detail, but rather small. Peircian is only equipped with light reflectors, and blinding rays. Although his main attribute is Haos, he can change to any other attribute in battle as long as it is featured somewhere on him. Also, he is very warrior-like and stands higher than most bakugan. His design is rather complex, and the bricks that make up his body are very visible, it is so pleasing to the eyes that I personally like it a lot. He is also easy to close and open, although he might fall due to his standard form. There are also no manual parts to open which is a plus to a bakugan. Overall, Peircian is a very powerful and resourceful bakugan to have in a force. However, this completely affects his agility. I would strongly recommend this bakugan to anyone due to its uniqueness.
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