Piercian Trap Bakugan

Subterra PiercianAlthough highly unusual, Piercian is another bakugan trap with the same exact features as its form in amine. He is an old bakugan released about the same time it appeared in episode 11. It has a strange square shape to the body and feet. Surprisingly, the marks all over its body resemble bricks. His large mass and stable shield on each arm seems to give him extra protection and has four main attributes. If you are wondering where the fourth attribute is, you can find it on the lever that separates the body, and base/feet. They can vary along with color, which can be white, brown, blue, and green. Unfortunately, he is a trap and does not come in any special color like translucent and pearl. You can sometimes get Piercian very cheap at eBay. Likely he will help in battle and most of the time he will open correctly and efficiently. All you find are good quality and probably look new; they do not have any g-power and have very precise detailing especially on the arms, face, and chest. Piercian is rather slow; however, his foundation is large and strong, made with material cells, so he should be used as backup in battle. His ability cards are very powerful and effective.

Pyrus PiercianIn quite a few battles, Peircian is victorious with the help of another bakugan. In episode 11, Peircian battles alongside Nemus and Altair and Wired are defeated, taking a large sum of their life gage. He also battles in episode 23. Like usual, Piercian combines with Nemus’s ability to take down both Brontes and Dynamo with one attack. Alone, though, he is not very successful. You can also see him battle in other even episodes like 26, 38, and 43. He has 5 abilities: Haos bunker, Tank bunker, Soliton defender, Electrocution, and Eternal cocoon. He often counts on a member from another team to increase the chance of having a successful attack in combat, and defense. In one episode (28), Peircian wasn’t capable of defeating Prince Hydron and Dryoid. Nemus’s attribute energy was taken away and Baron was defeated. Therefore proving that Peircian may not be so powerful compared to other bakugan traps. But he is relatively strong and has a large amount of force.

Ventus PiercianPeircian has a relative structure of Nemus. The top half of his body in supported by a small joint connected to the feet. It is flexible like Nemus and Bronte’s. The base is a flat formed pad that creates a secure plate on the ground. You can see the bricks on Peircian's body and he has two small hands and arms, mostly covered by two golden shields. His face has lots of detail, but rather small. Peircian is only equipped with light reflectors, and blinding rays. Although his main attribute is Haos, he can change to any other attribute in battle as long as it is featured somewhere on him. Also, he is very warrior-like and stands higher than most bakugan. His design is rather complex, and the bricks that make up his body are very visible, it is so pleasing to the eyes that I personally like it a lot. He is also easy to close and open, although he might fall due to his standard form. There are also no manual parts to open which is a plus to a bakugan. Overall, Peircian is a very powerful and resourceful bakugan to have in a force. However, this completely affects his agility. I would strongly recommend this bakugan to anyone due to its uniqueness.


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