Dartaak Trap Bakugan

Ventus Green DartaakDartaak is possibly the most unique bakugan trap conquered in New Vistroia. Although he was not known to have appeared, he is battle-ready and possesses a special ability to split in two when opened. The front of Dartaak shoots out like a bullet. Some may have guessed already, that the trap is very well capable of knocking out an unstable bakugan or battle gear from any confrontation. His main attribute is surprisingly unknown, probably Ventus due to the lack of proper knowledge about him. He has a humanoid form with protective armor and large sealed arms. His shoulders carry two spikes. He can actually shoot a living bullet out of his chest and his agility is legendary. This gives him a huge advantage in combat. Dartaak is a G-power trap that can add up to 900gs to another bakugan. Dartaak belongs to the collection of Dragonoid trap bakugan as shown of bakugan wiki. On the old Vestroia’s trap posters, the bakugan Dartaak was named instead of “Dart Dragonoid”. He can also add both G-powers on the game pieces. If you roll a Dartaak and it lands on your opponents gate card, you can add both G’s. If it lands on your own gate card, you can only add the G-power on the piece that stays behind.

Haos Gray DartaakThe part that shoots the secondary trap looks similar to Wilda. The secondary trap contains a single body consisting of a pair of long wings, and a neck and head. It is laid flat on it’s base and contains 3 small wheels that allow its body to slide on the battle field. Two of these wheels are located on its neck and main territory. There is a peg located behind it which is used to cause the event of movement. It must be inserted into the larger game piece to be launched in a game. When opened, the head piece can shoot out at a fast speed, may be traveling as far as 16 inches. Enemies in front of it can easily be knocked down (It is harder if the enemy is on a gate card though). It has been seen in Aquos, Darkus, Haos, Ventus only, there are no translucent or other special colors. Most Dartaaks you will find are in very good shape and quality.

Darkus DartaakThe smaller piece has a much smaller G-power. It can range from 40, to 90, but it doesn’t really depend on the attribute of the existing bakugan. I’ve seen an Aquos Dartaak with 860G’s, and another with 1300G’s, though mostly it's seen in 650 and 50G; Darkus one is seen in 680G + 70G and 900G + 40G; green Ventus Dartaak has been made available in 780G + 70G and 860G + 40G; I've only seen Haos one in 700G + 90G, though it is possible that is might be also available in other G combination since all other attributes are. Anyway, the total G-power can range from 700 to 1300. If you are looking for adding more varieties to your bakugan collection, I would definitely recommend buying this bakugan toy.


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