Jumping Skyress

Skyress is an old bakugan, yet it is still very popular due to the fact that it is no longer sold in stores. It was one of the most powerful bakugans to exist during her time. Skyress is one of the few bakugans to be female, and has superior agility. A well known fact about her is the ability to jump when getting rolled. If you look for the flat circle with arrows near the magnet, you have to balance Skyress on this. After preparing the bakugan in this form, flick Skyress forward and it will jump, that is why Skyress is widely called Jumping Skyress. According to Baku wiki, Skyress only has two evolutions. Many believe that there is a “Jumping Skyress” that is different than the original Skyress, but actually the regular Skyress has the exact same features and they are the same. Except for translucent and dual color, this bakugan can come in all colors including pearl. Skyress has never lost once, which proves that she is very powerful, despite the fact that her abilities have small effect and her G-power usually goes no higher than 400 or 500G’s. Skyress evolves into Storm Skyress. Her most powerful ability is Green Nobility Violent Wind, which doubles her power level. Skyress can be found in size B2 as well, but did not play a major role in battling because of her strength. G-power in B2 size goes higher than 500.

Skyress participated in relatively few battles, but in some episodes such as 15, and 13, Skyress’ powers become legendary. Skyress bears a striking ability to resurrect herself after being defeated, which accompanies her in several occasions. In episode 13, Shun teams up with Masquerade to battle Dan. Skyress battles at the end turning against Masquerade, and helps divert attention to Hydranoid as Drago defeats him with a “burning dragon” attack. After Masquerade disappears, Shun battles Dan. Drago leads with “fire tornado”. Skyress dodges his attack easily and flips Drago over at the same time. Skyress then uses her most powerful ability:”green nobility violent wind” and defeats drago with a clean blow. In episode 15, skyress battles alongside gorem, but takes on harpus alone. Gorem blocks an attack from Harpus, and then skyress defeats her with her most powerful ability. This is the end of the battle. It shows that Skyress is a very powerful bakugan.

Skyress has a simple form with basic parts such as neck, feet, wings, and a very short tail. Skyress can be found in size B-2, other than that, Skyress doesn’t have a wide variety of forms and variations, but they are available in many colors. There is also known to be a pearl Skyress in existence. Something else to have in mind, is that normal rolling is a bit difficult because of a small “horn” that will pop out very easily. This is supposed to make the Skyress jump, so normally you should start a game without rolling Skyress. This ability allows the player to jump over other bakugans. Skyress’ physical features are simple and standard sharing the same structure as Drago. Separate sections such as the neck, are thick and short, with a horn sticking out. The wings face rearward, and have a triangular shape. These bakugans are commonly between 400Gs and 500Gs in stores, but you will find others that were reprinted or custom made. In all Skyress, there are 2 colors, one for the details, and the other for the body. Skyress is a great bakugan, but I personally don’t feel it’s that special without a high G-power, especially when it is in smaller season 1 size. You can get it on ebay for above $10, some cost more than $20 or even $40 on Amazon.


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