Avior Bakugan

740G Haos Avior BakuganAvior bakugan is a unique bakugan that was released during season 3 as part of Wrens side’s bakugan and has only gotten more popular for his power and physical appearance since his arrival. Avior has surprisingly only 2 legs and no arms, which makes him different from other bakugans. Another interesting thing about Avior is that 2 of his abilities: Long Achilles and Battle Howling extends his body in both ball form and in anime. This gives him even more power and maneuverability. He works for Wrens team and has very superior power. In the show, he is 900G’s, but in real life, it is usually between 600 and 800G’s. His battle gear is Lashor, so if you have this battle gear it makes Avior more valuable. Although currently he is considered common, he is still really worth getting and comes in great mixed colors.

620G Darkus Avior BakuganAvior has been seen in a few gundalian episodes such as 4 and 8. In episode 4, Mason Brown, (a member of Wrens team), battled a unknown spectator and won easily with a few cards and beat him in the last round with Long Achilles, possibly his most powerful ability. He also defeated Jake with Subterra Coredom. In total, Avior has 6 abilities. (Go to Bakugan Wiki). In episode 8, Mason used Aviors battle gear Lashor, and still lost against his opponent, revealing he isn’t that powerful. In fact, Avior is the oldest bakugan existing in Gudalian.

630G Pyrus Avior BakuganAvior’s body is like a chicken (no offence). In ball form though, he has 2 legs, up-facing wings, and a tail. Aviors neck can be extended when using Long Achilles and is also crucial when putting on battle gear. Doing this is easy, because you just have to flip down the tail when he is opened. In this stage, you have to place it one a card for it to stand up. You can see the features and details on the neck and wings. It also has wings, but they can only be seen when opened in anime. Avior is easy to close. After making sure he is no longer extended, flip in the head, and then the wings. Finally, clip in the tail, but it might take a little strength to do this part. The rest of the body; feet, horn, etc, closes like any other bakugans. Overall, Avior is a great bakugan and is very cool. I would definitely recommend buying him.


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