Ingram Bakugan

Pyrus Ingram bakuganIngram bakugan is currently popular. This is probably because of its physical structure, which is quite different from most other bakugans. He has 3 tail feathers and 2 sets of massive wings spread non-parallel to the body. One interesting thing about Ingram is that he has 2 switchable heads; one looks like a bird’s, and the other one like a human’s. It is the first form of Ingram and has a separated plate to cover his body. Although in the Japanese version he is male, there is a common debate on Ingram’s true gender, but he was confirmed to be male later after his fan website. He has medium strength and has many abilities. Because of this, Ingram’s abilities do not contain much power, resulting in a few losses. This bakugan is classified as common but has a very varied color extension. Some of the rarest colors you can find are half- clear and half solid, some are translucent green or red, and I’ve even found some that are black with light-blue trimmings. They come in some of the coolest colors I’ve seen as well; however their G-powers are unknown. There is also a just-released type called MorphLite Ingram flashlight that comes in very shiny green and white colors, with a button that makes it light up. It is extremely rare, and the only place I know to get them is at eBay.

Darkus Ingram BakuganIngram battled in the following episodes: 6, 15, and 20. In episode 6, Shun made his first appearance in new Vestroia. He aided Dan and helped defeat Spectra and Gus. Ingram was capable of defeating Vulcan with 2 abilities but sat out when Drago took on Helios. He dodged a single blow from Helios, but Hylash was unable to escape in time and lost. In episode 15, Ingram battled Hades Disguised as Hydranoid. He lost because of the combined powers of Fortress and Hades. Later, Ingram was locked up along with Shun and freed in episode 20. In this episode, Ace, Marucho, and Shun came out in time to see Drago fight, but they had no interference with the current battle. Later, all the bakugan were restored to their original form and the dimension controller was destroyed.

Ventus Ingram BakuganBesides being part bird, Ingram also has a humanoid form that can be altered in battle, though it has no effect. I found it rather hard to close because of the mass of tail feathers. The head needs to be held in place as the bottom, medium, and then back (top) feathers are placed in consecutively. The feet are simple and have 4 claws. The tail at the back actually has 2 segments at equal length. You can lay them flat, or choose to keep it up with the rest of the body. G-power can be from 500-790G’s and colors can differ with the type of Ingram you get. The most common colors are probably black, or green. He comes in five variations: Cosmic Ingram, Ingram, Master Ingram, Boost Ingram, Flash Ingram, and Shadow Wing. Ingram can ride Hylash for speed, and combining power levels, they can also use combo attacks that are usually used at the end of a battle. Overall, Ingram is very powerful, and has many unique abilities like rearranging his form, and color.


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