Quake Dragonoid

Quake Dragonoid is a super assault version of the Dragonoid series, which gives it extra power in battle. Though it was never voiced or seen in episodes, its special ability gives it the capability of vibrating when opened, and turning in a quarter circle. The easy-to-recognize feature is the wings, which display a circular shape and a large hole to the left flank. This makes room for a device for you to twist to make the bakugan vibrate upon opening. He has a different design than most other Dragonoids; most parts are at the back of the bakugan, with very high G-power. Aquos has 940, Ventus has 950, Haos has 960, and if you can find the Pyrus version that is 1000Gs, I would definitely recommend buying it. He is an evolution bakugan, so if you want him in battle, you have to evolve him from another Dragonoid that is 640Gs or lower. He has many abilities which makes him convenient in quick battle and will aid easily at the beginning of a brawl. Mine is Darkus with 950Gs, and also has green and yellow colors somewhere along the top and neck. They always seem to be very good quality. Quake Dragonoid has almost no limit to power, and has changed dramatically fast since his past evolutions.

Even though it has not yet been seen in episodes, it is believed to be the evolution of Lumino Dragonoid. Currently, nobody knows when he will evolve. Quake Dragonoid is capable of shooting ultra intense fire blasts and can create avalanches by sending shockwaves through the ground. So far, Quake Dragonoid is not very popular, and not much is known about him. Some body parts I am able to decipher are one pair of wings, and a broad scaled chest that holds the diamond containing the perfect core. He also has a long tail with a glowing orb at the end. Ability cards are currently unknown. Although Quake Dragonoid may seem to be Sub-terra, but he is still Pyrus attributed.

Quake Dragonoid has an advanced structure with wings folded at 135 degrees away from the front. The head is small with little details and the tail is short with some sort of scaled rattle at the end similar to Serpenoids. There is one wing that has a large hole as mentioned earlier that makes room for the gear. Turn this gear counterclockwise while in ball form about 4 times and it will shake when opened. The feet are strange because they face upwards when opened instead of downward like most bakugan balls, which means they open along with the bakugan. This is very convenient when used in battle. The mouth opens and closes freely. However, one thing I find annoying is that you can see all the mechanical things and gears in the front and are perfectly visible. I would recommend buying him if you find it in stores like Walgreens, Wal-mart, ToysRUs and Target. They are also a popular sale on eBay, and make sure to look out for the red one which is the most powerful.


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