Altair Bakugan

Altair is a mechanical bakugan made by professor clay. Although, I don’t personally like buying mechanical bakugan, it is relatively strong and is worth buying. I got mine for $3.25 on eBay, and any Altair can combine with a WIRED which is another mechanical bakugan, so it makes it even more valuable if you have a Wired already. It comes mostly in white, black, or translucent of one of these, and can also be seen in bakusteel, but this is rare to find. Occasionally, you will see green and red ones. If you do find a bakusteel, BUY IT immediately. It has a few pop-out parts like the spikes at the tail and horns. The wings are rather detailed. However, they are not very special and do not have high G-powers, making them easy to defeat in combat. In fact, the highest G-power so far is only 710. It looks kind of like a bird. Altair is used by Lync, a powerful Vexos brawler. Even though it does not have many abilities, it has a better chance of winning against a weak subterra bakugan.

Altair uses only a few powerful abilities such as “spinalsaucer” which increased his g-power by 200, “thunderfire”, and a few others. He battle in episode 7, only to find out that his system was malfunctioning, stopping the battle early. (This will not happen in real life). Before this happened, Altair was winning dodging Wilda’s first attack, while Altair hit his opponent. Once Altair combined “Megasail” and “Thunderfire”, Mira used a bakugan trap, which blocked Altair’s corresponding attack. Then Altair began to malfunction.

Altair has a body similar to Wired’s. The wings have stripes in a cross back pattern. With eyes like a real mechanical bakugan, and tail used to connect with Wired. Altair’s tail looks like its neck, the wings also spread in front of the body, giving it a bird like structure. It is not really a rare bakugan, most of the time you can find it in stores, and the colors aren’t always that special. Besides the combination with Wired, it doesn’t have any other special feature. Plus, it isn’t that unique. If you have a lot of common bakugans, it is a bakugan worth getting.


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